Monday, February 17, 2014

This is going to be GREAT!

Hey there, my peeps!

Exciting news! This is the week I run in two 5ks back to back. Well, run in one and walk really fast in the other, ha ha. The first is a last minute decision to do the Cinderella Royal Family 5k. My running group "Racing The Dream" peer pressured me into it. God bless the Collective! But, seriously, what better race to get talked into than one at DISNEY?

The second race will be with my 75 year old Daddy! We are going to walk this one (no time limit) and we are going to look like a rainbow afterwards. It is his first 5k. Hopefully it won't be his last. I am just excited to be doing something I love with a person I love and treasure.

Best February EVER!
So, look for my report with fun pictures coming to a computer screen/portable device near you! I will also be posting pictures on Instagram via Twitter as the races happen. See you soon!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

How To Have A Blast At A Disney Race! or What I did right for the Inaugural Minnie 10K 2014

Funnest race EVER!
I think that this race (the Inaugural Minnie 10k at Walt Disney World) was the most fun I have ever had. I did a ton of stuff I have wanted to do but was either too shy to do or didn't plan ahead. What exactly was it that changed for me you ask? I decided to step out of my comfort zone and let myself invite people and new experiences into my bubble. The following are things I learned to do to make the most of my runDisney weekend. Note that this write-up will not be in chronological order. 

  • If staying at a Disney Resort give yourself at least one full day and night to enjoy it!

Every race I have done at Disney I have stayed at a resort for the transportation...and I love Disney. But I either didn't have time or I was too tired and sore to take advantage of what the property has to offer. THIS time I planned ahead and had two nights and a full day after the race to play at the resort and the parks. How did I take advantage of the resort this time?

Art of Animation and POP Century Resorts.
Mary Poppins courtesy of POP.
The day of the race (Friday) was a very long day. In the morning I ran, during the day I went to Magic Kingdom, and in the evening I attended a dinner with the greatest running group ever! When I got back to the hotel I really had nothing to do and I was sore. I had sent my parents off for a date night and I had the room to myself for awhile. But I was hungry for french fries, tie dye cheesecake, and a good outdoor movie. I know I had just eaten dinner but I had mostly talked and forgotten to eat as much as I should have.

Pop Century and AoA are connected by a bridge over a lake. So, if you have a hankerin' for comfort food (AoA mainly has fancy healthy food) or a different movie other than the one showing at your resort you only need to walk over that bridge. That is what I decided to do. AND to my surprise they were playing one of my all time favorite movies on an outdoor screen...Mary Poppins. Of course I plopped down in a pool chair and watched and sang along with my fellow Poppins peeps. Yes, we all sang "Let"s Go Fly A Kite" together. Hey, it's Disney! Anything goes! After the movie I bought my food and headed back to my hotel room with my treasures tucked under my arm.

The next day, I was able to convince a couple of my family members to go swimming with me. This was a first and I was excited...stiff and sore but excited! The main pool at AoA (Art of Animation) has music playing in the pool. As in you hear a song being played above the water but beneath the water is a completely different song! It was really neat! We also loved the fact that it was a zero entry pool. Instead of stairs or a ladder you just walked right in like you would if you were walking into the ocean at the beach. After having fun there we walked back to our Little Mermaid area swimming pool (much smaller and quieter) and played until it was too cold and our lips were blue. Now I no longer need to convince them to come swim with me! So, again, I highly recommend giving yourself time to enjoy the hotel. TIP! Swimming loosened my muscles up and the stiffness went away. I highly recommend taking a dip for recovery after a race.

  • Take advantage of whatever free stuff they have at the expo if it will help your race!
The EXPO! This is where you pick up
your shirt and spend all of your money
on rD souveniers. Oh! And you can get
some free stuff too!
The week before the race I was getting wicked shin splints! I was a little worried but did a little online research and discovered that taping them might help. A plan was set in motion. If KT Tape was at the expo I was going to take advantage of their FREE service and get professionally taped. So, I picked up my bib in one building and headed on over to the EXPO building. 

SIDE NOTE: We tried to get the new runDisney/ New Balance shoes but greedy little eBay people had bought up the supply on DAY ONE. Please do not support these non-runners/racers who openly mock us about running these races and then double the prices on merchandise that is only sold at the EXPO. Thank you!

At the expo they had free GU sampling so if you have never tried it you can discover if it is the stuff for you. They also had fun CIGNA pre-race photos you could take. But my mind was focused on the KT tape booth. Having one spot taped on your body is free but I have two legs. I bought some tape and had them fix me up. I am happy to report that race day I did NOT experience any shin splint action. TIP! Sample and try everything that is free at the EXPO. You never know what you may discover.

  • Step out of your comfort zone. Let people pace you. Attend a running club meet-up.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I am mostly a lone runner. Not because I don't like people (I do) or because I am shy (I am). It is because I am slow and still learning and this makes me self conscious. I feel like my lack of speed makes speedy runners annoyed even when they offer to pace me. So, I end up feeling bad for my wonderful helpful friends and can't enjoy the race. Therefore I train alone most of the time and I race alone most of the time. Well, this time I decided to let some great people, who truly understood how I felt, pace me. They knew I was coming back from an injury and that they could ditch me at any time if they saw the balloon ladies anywhere near us.

It was the most fun I have ever had running in any race...ever. They had me laughing. They told me when to run and when to walk. They analyzed my gait. One will forever be nicknamed "Fastpass" because she would run ahead, get into a character line, we would catch up, take a group picture, and then take off again. The other one (who will forever have the nickname "Coach Jenny") always encouraged me and understood when I needed to slow down. With their help I even had enough time to use a restroom! It was awesome. TIP! Get over it and let others help you if they fully understand what they are signing up for.

Racing The Dream

If you are a member of an online running group and they have a meetup go for it. I am shy and although I could have done some in the past I just didn't. This time I sent my family off to their own adventure and had one for myself. Man, I love these people! It was so much fun! It is pretty cool to meet a group of strangers for dinner and finish dinner as a group of friends. TIP! Make your Facebook running friends into real life friends. You'll never regret it. Unless they end up stalking you but that only happens in Lifetime movies, right?

  • Volunteers are awesome. Thank the volunteers at a race and have fun with them.
Volunteers are and can be fun people. After all, that is why they are there! They love Disney just like you and me. The lady you see at the t-shirt pickup "ooooo-ed" and "aaaawwww-ed" with me over the design of the race shirt. She is the blond one sitting behind the table. The balloon ladies were once again at this race. I thanked them because they were really encouraging us broken down runners at the back of the pack at ToT. Last but not least, the ginger headed woman was willing to take her time putting the medal over my neck so we could get a good shot of "the moment of triumph"! TIP! Let the volunteers join in the fun with you and be as goofy as you are. Then thank them.

  • Last but not least, schedule time to celebrate at the parks! And remember to love and thank your biggest fans.

"Minerva" (my 10k medal) and my family
celebrating the race!

I love my family and can't think of a better way to celebrate the finish of another race than to spend time with them at the parks. Look at how cute they are waiting for me at the finish line! We had to go spend time at the Magic Kingdom after the race!

So, wearing my medal, I headed on over to the most magical place in Florida. Now, this race was all about doing new things. So, I had my hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop. Yes, they cut adult women's hair. TIP! If you would like to donate hair to Locks of Love they will put it in a bag for you. You just have to send it to the organization yourself.

After that we had ice cream and went back to the hotel to rest up for the night's activities (my meetup and their date night). The next evening (Saturday) we headed back over to Magic Kingdom. Do you know how crowded it is the evening before an early morning marathon? Everyone goes to bed early. So, you practically walk onto the rides. AND for the first time we closed down the park. We even had a quasi private parade. It was so empty that when the Fairy Godmother passed by us she was able to see my medal, ask me if I had run, and then congratulate me on my accomplishment! I felt special. TIP! Early morning races make for early bed times. Hit the parks at night if you don't have a race the next morning. No one is there. The place is all yours! *insert evil laugh*

So, that is how I had the best race weekend ever! Heed my advice and tips and you too can fully enjoy what a Disney race has to offer. If you have your own tips please feel free to share in the comment section below. 

As always...Keep Moving Forward!