Monday, March 25, 2013

Trying Lots of Different Paths

"To get to the finish line, you'll have to try
lots of different paths."
Ambry Burfoot

Recently this quote took on a new meaning for me. I, my dear friends, have had to sit down and figure out some new paths for myself to get my injured little body across that finish line May 4th. As you may have previously read I was able to run and enjoy my first half marathon. That was back in January. You may have also read about my injury which caused me to drop out of the Foam Fest. 

Well, I am still healing from that same injury. Last week I had my final boo boo assessment and I was told to let it continue to heal and don't run until it quits hurting. I asked him about how much longer that might be. He said that when it quits hurting it quits hurting. In a sick way that reminded me of the joke "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." Doctor replies "Then stop doing that!".

Great for plantar fasciitis.
So exactly what can I do to train for a race coming up in 40 days? Well, I am cleared to bike, swim, yoga, use my Foot Rocker, and practice meditating until I can levitate across the finish line. But I have absolutely no idea when I can run before the race. So down a different path of training I must go. Cross training and faux running here I come! 

Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt
"Captain Jack"
First, I called up my local Therapeutic Recreation Center pool and asked if I could water jog after work there. I figure if anyone would be up for rehabilitating someone it would be a place set up for the injured. They open up on Monday and I am more than welcome to water jog. They even said I could borrow a flotation belt. But because I will be getting well acquainted with the belt I decided to purchase one of my own. I have named it "Captain Jack". That way I can say "Captain Jack and I have a date at the pool today." So, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays we will be getting in my training miles at the pool until it doesn't hurt to jog. Plus, I am trying to train myself to land midfoot and not heel strike.

I also keep reading about how important strengthening your core can be. Well, this here gal has plenty of workouts to choose from. My choice for the next 40 days will be the muscle building non-impact workouts from TurboFire. No, I am not a Beach Body coach nor am I endorsing the product. It is a fun workout for those who are not in the best of me at this point. I was in pretty good shape from doing P90X and Turbofire about a year ago but then a ton of things happened and I stopped cross training and strictly ran. Plus, I used food as a comforter and BLAM! Stay Puft Marshmallow Tina. I know the weight gain contributed to my getting injured. Now, just when I wanted to get fit again I can't do any high impact exercise. But I can pick the best workouts from my current library.

90 calorie chocolate pudding
cups are tucked away in there!
I am also going to add in the biking. Slow to begin with. My dad -- who is retired-- has volunteered to take me and my bike to work once a week. Then I can bike the 6 miles home. Isn't he great? And last but not least I am going back to eating healthy and trying my best not to use food as a comforter. I have gotten rid of all my favorite comfort foods in the house and have replaced them with healthy alternatives. I just have to retrain my cravings just like I am having to retrain my running stride. And I passed a test today. 

My car is in the shop and I am going to have to shell out $1200 dollars. Normally this kind of news would have me reaching for a brownie box and whipping up a batch to take away my blues. Today, I just made my dinner, ate it, and had a 90 calorie pudding cup to take away the bad mood blues chocolate fix. If chocolate works to take away the blahs after a dementor comes near I figure a low cal chocolate pudding cup will work to take away the food crutch. It did. Soon I hope to be able to just lace up my shoes and go running to kill the stress.

Well, my fellow injured and not injured runners... will my plan work and get me ready for The Expedition Everest Challenge in 40 days? Or will my team mate have to give me a piggy back ride across the finish line? I think I can do this with a little determination and a huge amount of patience with a slow progression towards healing while training. Plus, I know you guys will help keep me on track and give me encouragement and advise as needed. With that combination I am sure to cross that finish line!

Water jogging my way to victory,


  1. I love how you named your belt Captain Jack - I think that just made my day :)