Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well that hurt....

I think we all have a moment when we feel like we are doing great and then BAM! A truck comes along and slams you into a wall. My truck came this week. It looks like I have a strained rotator cuff. My doctor says he believes it is more than likely a strain and not a tear but we'll know if it begins to heal within two weeks.

So, I asked him if I could run. He gave me a "????" look and then said he supposed so as long as it didn't hurt. I am not quite sure if the "????" look was because I don't look like a runner or because he had to think about it, ha-ha! Then I asked for a second opinion from my online running buddies. They gave me the same advise. I thought about it and decided to give myself a few days to heal. I also weaned myself off of the pain medication. 

Last night I was feeling okay. This morning my shoulder was a little painful. I re-checked my schedule and read that I needed to do 3 miles. "Okay, I will walk it. I can't stop now. Only 7 weeks until showtime!" I thought to myself. Then I decided to get my dad and my niece to go with me. They were so happy to go when I asked.

We did the absolute slowest walking in the history of training that there ever was. BUT, it was also one of the best walks there ever was. Why? Because I was still out there. I was still trying my best. AND I had the support of my family who really want to see me accomplish my goals. We got in 1.9 something miles before the rain came. I also had to ice my shoulder when we got home and take my anti-inflammatory and pain medication. But I had the best time just being with them and chatting. It was worth every twinge.

Moral of the story this week? Never underestimate the supportive power of a slow walk with people you love. 

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