Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Turtle Gains Some Speed!

Last week he could have out run me!
As I have been training I have become a little nervous. I really have been feeling slow in my runs. Sometimes I imagine the little kids being pushed in running carts watching me with curious expressions on their faces as they are pushed past me. I can almost hear them say to their parent..."Mommy, why is that lady running in slow motion?" To which their mother kindly replies..."Oh sweetie, she's just a new runner that has deluded herself into thinking she can run a ten mile race and not get swept." "Silly lady!" the child will reply and then they'll share in a wonderful bonding moment through laughter.

So, I sat down with myself and did some math. I added in the amount of time it would take me to snap some photos as I run.  Also, how much I would like to walk. Lastly, how much I can run. I came up with the following... 

photos + walking + running / current pace = you haven't got a snow ball's chance to not get swept

Yup. I was in trouble. So, I came up with a running goal of a 13 to 14 minute mile. My current running pace was anywhere from 15:45 to 16:30. I told you I was slow! I called up my friend who is a mom of four who knows how to push people to do their best. 
*Helpful Hint*...if ever you need help being lovingly pushed to do better call up a mother of many who is a runner.
She was a godsend! She met me early in the morning when the crickets were still serenading us and the streets were still empty. We started the run and she gave me some great like a deer. You know, push off of your toes. I imagined me frolicking in a woodland meadow which gave me the giggles. But I did as I was told and my stride was better. But boy did I find out what muscles I need to target this week for strength! In the end I was still able to carry on a conversation (at times) without having long pauses between my sentences AND my time improved! I ended up with a 14:27 per mile pace...woohoo! Yeay for me!

This week my goal is to keep that pace during my Tuesday training session and my Saturday 8 mile long run. Thursday my goal is to do some hill work. 
*Miracle #2007*...there is a hill in a South Florida park that isn't an overpass! Or a dump.
Meanwhile, I will keep up the cross training. I have a little group at work that is beginning to exercise with me after work. I sure am glad to have friends help me out with training and friends/family with encouragement to do this. From "turtle speed" to "time to take pictures of the turtle and not get swept speed"... here I come! 

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