Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You Say You Got A Resolution....

Happy New Year's my fellow resolution-ers! Yes, many people will pat us on the back and wish us luck. But do we need luck or gumption? We need gumption and a plan. I have a plan and a theme song for my year. Yes, I said a year.

"But Cristina, that is madness! They say to never make a full year resolution." I hear you. But this one isn't impossible. It is a two parter that can be accomplished. What is it?

I shall complete a half marathon. Yup, that one is going to come true on January 12th at Disney World. My goal is to not get picked up by the sweeper bus. I will finish with a smile on my face and perhaps a tear of joy running down my cheek. I have been training and although I am still a super sloth of speed I know I can do this! I even have a message printed on my shirt to let them know to leave me be and let me finish.
For the 2013 Donald Half Marathon
See? They may not even see me when I use my mad Jedi skills of invisibility. This goal is do-able because I have put in the training and the time (not as much as I should have for a blazing speed) that will help me accomplish this feat.

I will run 41 miles a month every month for the entire year. I turn 41 this year so I thought it would be kind of a cool thing to do. Now, for you hard core runners out there this is a nothing goal. But imagine an over weight chick, with arthritic knees, occasional asthma, and an aversion to hot weather out there running three to four times a week come rain or shine or stupid treadmill. I hate the treadmill. I once heard it called the dreadmill and totally think of that name now. 

So, this goal will have me run 492 miles for the year or more. Why more? Factor in the half marathon, the Expedition Everest Race, the 5K Foam Run Miami, and the Tower of Terror Race and you have yourself a little more than 41 miles a month in training alone.

First, you need a theme song or several inspirational songs to get you motivated and energized. Over the next year I will post these for you guys. Some you may want to never hear again and some just may make your play list. Here is the first. It is "Eye On It" by TobyMac.

Second, I need to be held accountable. That means I need to post every week to you --my one loyal reader-- my results or my missteps. And some may happen. I will not post that they WILL happen because that is the wrong attitude to have. Simply by feeling an obligation to let you know if I accomplished or slacked on my goal will give me the push to "do" when I want to "don't".

Third, I just need to focus on doing it and let the benefits come my way. What benefits? 
  • Weight-loss for sure because I will need to eat healthy (including the occasional --not daily-- brownie or chocolate fix) as I train for these races.
  • A super duper farmer's tan.
  • Better mental attitude. I will be accomplishing weekly goals.
  • New friends. You always make new friends when you start running because none of your old friends want to hear your running stories. They just think you are crazy and inspirational at the same time. So, you will meet new running friends along the way.
I have no fourth. Just an invitation to you to read the blog, follow along on my journey, and/or join me. How old are you? Run/walk that many miles a month until the year is up. Post your results in the comment section of the weekly blog. If you start a blog of your own, continue to post here and I will post my results on yours. We will help each other. If you think I am crazy but inspirational then by all means leave me messages of encouragement. I will appreciate them. If you couldn't care less...well, thanks for reading this post, ha-ha!

Cristina (aka Super Sloth of Speed)

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